Welcome to My New Blog!

Welcome to My New Blog!

Welcome to my new blog!

Blogging has been such a big part of my life even before it even became a thing. I would write down blogpost ideas, videos ideas and occasionally vlog, but I never got around to sharing these. The times when I wanted to give it my all I was so busy with life that I never found it in me to actually write anything, nor did I want to force myself to write just for the sake of keeping up with everyone else.

We live in a world where social media plays such a big role in our life and I got tired of seeing such unattainable “perfection” by only sharing our best moments. Even as a reader I couldn’t relate and eventually I got tired of it all. Apart from this I had to deal with a lot of things that I genuinely wasn’t able to focus on my blog whatsoever. So I decided to take a break.

As many of you know we welcomed our baby girl this year and since her arrival I’ve wanted to share and document my experience as a first time mama. However, not all of your followers on Instagram or family on Facebook want to know every single detail about your newborn. Isabella is one of the main reasons behind this blog and I couldn’t be more excited to share with you all about motherhood. The good and the bad.

My passion for blogging and all things video editing still remains, so, this year with the help and support of my husband I decided to pursue this wholeheartedly.

It’s been in the works for such a long time and I kept putting it off. So… After deleting 2 blogs, 1 YouTube channel and letting life get in the way of my passion, I’ve finally created my own space on the internet! I’m so excited to finally launch my own site where you can find regular posts on beauty, motherhood, lifestyle, food and outfit posts. It’s a place where you find all the best moments in life as well as some of the toughest.

Not a mama? Don’t worry!

This site is also created in mind with the everyday woman who is looking for inspiration in enjoying a simple life, finding beauty in everything and everyone as well as sharing a love for food. I cannot wait to connect with you on different levels and interests!


If there is one thing I’ve learnt through this journey is to never share your dreams with others. Whatever it is you want to pursue, do it and make it yours! At the end of the day there is no one else like you or with your vision.

Thanks for joining me in my little corner of the inter web, I truly appreciate all your support!

Karla Andrea x


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