Travel Post: Corfu 2016

Travel Post: Corfu 2016

We decided to combine our anniversary, Diego’s birthday and our “baby moon” all in one little holiday to Corfu, Greece! This was our first time to the island and Diego’s first time stepping on Greek land. We had a relaxing week, explored through the narrow streets of Corfu Old Town, swam in crystal clear waters and got lost in the mountains with only a map to guide us!
The idea of a baby moon is for the couple to enjoy some alone time from everyday life where you can relax, enjoy each others company and invest in your relationship. Previous to this trip we had both been extremely busy at work, it was tiring us out completely and with me being pregnant I get tired a lot quicker, so our baby moon really did benefit the both of us. This will not be our last trip as we are already planning to travel with our little girl next year so she too can experience the sand between her toes, the water through her little hands and the sun on her soft baby skin.

If you are planning on taking a baby moon, do your research first as to how far you can travel, where you can travel to and up to when you can travel. We decided on Greece as Vietnam was something we could not do due to the hours of travel involved and I wanted to avoid any medical problems. My tips for a stress free flight are the following:

  • Check with the airline if you need a medical note – you can get this from your Dr. 
  • Flights 4 hours or less are best
  • Have some water with you! I was thirsty throughout the flight
  • Try and get a seat near the toilet – Pregnant women pee like there’s no tomorrow!
  • Make sure to stand up and walk around the plane to increase blood flow in legs. 
  • Pack some cosy socks and try not to wear any tight shoes
  • Finally, put your legs up when you get to the hotel to reduce any swelling!

We stayed just outside Corfu Old Town at the Corfu Holiday Palace which was OK, not the best, but location wise we enjoyed it as it had a private beach area, good bus link and parking for the rental car. In terms of food, we didn’t enjoy it as much but we made the most of it! We visited Nissaki, Sidari, Paleokastritsa and Agios Gordios all in three days with a rental car and took a day cruise to see the blue caves, go swimming and have lunch in Antipaxos! Here are a couple of pictures from our trip – enjoy 🙂 

So many dogs and cats in Greece but this little guy was the cutest!
My sweet guy

Baby girl and I enjoyed swimming every single day!



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