The Monthly Roundup: February Favourites

The Monthly Roundup: February Favourites

Well February was short and sweet! Another month and another favourites post. This month started off on a high. February started off in Barcelona, I started my new job and ended the month with free tickets to see Tori Kelly! So… lets get to it! 


This month I was able to really fall in love with brows. I’ve been growing them for months and when I finally got them threaded I was excited! I found Tarte in a Sephora while I was in Bangkok and I came across their brow wax and I think by then the Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow gel had come out and it was such a hype, so instead of jumping on the bandwagon I decided to give Tarte’s one a go and I was not disappointed. The actual product is a wax substance but when you pick it up with the brush it’s soft and easy to use. It’s long-lasting too which is great and the brush and spoolie are one of the best I’ve used, it’s easy to blend the product in as well as shaping my brows. You don’t need to pick up a lot of product since a little does go a long way. I don’t think I’ll ever want to try another eyebrow product ever! 

I’ve had my Dior foundation for a while and because it’s super expensive I decided to only use it for special occasions but lately I decided that everyday is a special occasion! I tend to get very oily on my forehead and my nose so I’m always looking for a good foundation that will not make me TOO oily throughout the day. This Dior foundation does the trick. I’ve applied it with a beauty blender and with a Sigma brush – both came out good but the beauty blender gives me a more “flawless” look. It gives me enough coverage and it surprisingly doesn’t make me too oily! #Winning. I can go through the whole day without having to touch up, which for me is perfect because most times I don’t even carry my make up bag! If you’re looking for a new foundation, want to treat yourself and want enough coverage in a foundation that you don’t need concealer then go for this one!

Food and Drink

Oh… My… Goodness, I’m super excited to share this with you. If you love chicken and asian food then this is for you. On The Bab has become one of my favourite restaurants. It’s Korean street food and it all revolves around the fried chicken in 4 flavours, Special Soy, Sweet Spicy, Garlic Mayo and Seasoned Spring Onion. The best bit is you can get two flavours and its packed with a generous serving of their own coleslaw with the best sauce over it. Don’t even get me started on their buns! Mmmmhmmm! If you can, go to the Covent Garden one since it’s super cute and cozy, but it is always busy so make sure you’re patient enough to wait! 


I’ve been loving my brouges this month. There simple to style, comfy and super cute. When I was younger and I would go out shopping with my mum she always went for these type of shoes and I thought they were so old school but I guess it’s back… Old School is apparently totes hipster now! I got mine from Topshop and even though breaking in to them was a pain I managed to do it and they’re the best shoes I have. I loveeeee!  


In my previous favourites I mentioned that I was watching Gossip Girl and I finally finished it! However, I did find time to watch a documentary or two on Netflix while I was either ironing some clothes or surfing through Netflix. So here are my two favourites for this month. 

Twinsters – a documentary based on the life of two twin sisters separated at birth living in different continents and meeting through the internet. It’s touching to see their love towards each other and getting to know each other, despite the separation, which made me miss my sister. Apart from the story and the fact that they find each other, what I love the most was the editing, it was the best.

Living on One Dollar – four friends go to rural Guatemala to experience poverty first hand, go through some illness, hunger and live on one dollar. It’s touching to see how these young men go out to meet and create friendships with people who work everyday not knowing if they’ll have anything to eat or provide for their families. It’s the type of documentary I wish I could make many Latin American people living in London watch. #Don’tForgetWhereYouCameFrom 

Thanks for reading! I can’t wait to share what I’ll be loving in the month of March! 


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