My Second Trimester

My Second Trimester

I cannot believe we are officially done with our second trimester and boy oh boy are things getting more real and rounder day by day! These 3 months have been easy, enjoyable but still tiring! A lot has happened but we are just grateful that baby girl is doing well, growing daily and getting stronger.

These previous 3 months have been eventful in terms of how much baby girl has grown and we are now able to know her estimated length from head to toe! During our holiday she started moving a whole lot more and hasn’t stopped since! Her kicks are getting a lot stronger and her moves can be uncomfortable at times, but it’s a feeling I wouldn’t change for the world. Our dog, Oreo, has also been feeling her kicks whenever he rests his little head on my bump. 

In terms of symptoms I haven’t had many, I do feel a bit more energetic but I get sudden moments where I feel tired and want to do nothing apart from go home, put comfy clothes on and curl up in bed. However, I try not to nap during the day as I don’t want my body to get used to it so I try to either take a walk or distract myself with something else unless I really do need a nap then I will not hesitate. I’m back to loving flavoursome food and thank God because I was getting bored of salt and pepper seasoned food! I haven’t been craving anything apart from one or two things but I’ve honestly started to question whether or not cravings are an actual “symptom” of pregnancy because a frappuccino or bubble tea is not baby girls cravings but mine… if that makes sense?

We’ve been taking a lot more walks lately and with the autumn weather I don’t mind them whatsoever, I love the crisp weather as well as the crunchy leaves. I have experienced some muscle pain on my stomach but it’s only baby telling me to slow down! Well, when you live in such a fast paced city, walking fast is part of living here so I get reminded by baby girl to slow down haha. She’s also been keeping me up at night which means my poor husband is also missing out on sleep but I’m trying everything and anything to make sure we all get a good nights sleep!

We also began shopping for some baby pieces such as clothes, her dresser, baby bottles, looking at pushchairs and we’ve began organising our baby shower! Pregnancy is definitely flying by and every week it keeps sinking in that we will have our beautiful baby girl with us so we can finally kiss those baby hands and toes. My heart bursts just at the thought of knowing we will have her to kick off the new year.

All in all, second trimester has been relaxing, peaceful and has taught me to trust in God. To trust in God with our future, with the birth of our baby girl, with our health and with many more things. As cheesy and as cliche this sounds in the Christian world I can’t help but know that God has been putting this in my heart – every season has a setback but it also has a comeback. This trimester has been one for the books and it’s taught me a lot more than expected.

Since my bump is getting a lot bigger I will be sharing some outfit options and I cannot wait to get them out. I’ve also made a list of the things that have been helping me during pregnancy and will be sharing them soon for any ladies out there expecting as well!



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