Monthly Roundup: January Faves

Monthly Roundup: January Faves

I cannot believe January is officially over. It’e been a tough, stressful yet rewarding month. I have so many things I have enjoyed using this month that I want to share with you all, so let’s get to it 🙂

My skin was not at it’s best this month whatsoever! I had some breakouts due to stress and  times like these I always reach out for my favourite face mask from Yanbal. I apply it for 10-15 minutes and wash my face off with some warm water. This mask instantly makes my skin feel so soft after I use it and it made my skin feel and look better.

For such a long time I have been using my Clarisonic Mia 2 but I completely forgot to charge it so just before we left for our mini trip to Barcelona I made sure to charge it and believe me when I tell you my skin was even BETTER. I forgot how good it was since for the majority of January I completely neglected it but I realised it’s an important part in my skin care routine. I tend to use it at night more than I do in the morning just because I feel it works better for me that way. If you can get your hands on one I highly recommend it! 

This month I hardly wore foundation so I began using my Bourjouis CC cream. It gives me enough coverage, it’s lightweight and it gave my skin that boost I needed on those down days. It definitely has been my go to product this month, it’s a good base if you want something light and going for a natural look. 

Food and Drink
This month I have been in love with tea! I love tea in general but I found myself reaching for fruity teas a lot. Right now my favourite is the Twinings Strawberry and Raspberry, it’s sweet and fruity and I love to have it at nights. I also discovered organic tea by Kuppa however, I’m still trying them so I can’t give you an honest opinion so keep an eye out for it! 

I am definitely a food lover 🙂 So this month my favourite thing I made was couscous. Let me tell you that the first time I ever made couscous it was a complete fail! This time I added some peppers, green onion, coriander and vegetable stock to give it some flavour. I’ve been using the Sainsbury’s brand which I found easy to cook. 

This month has by far been one of the coldest and I made good use of my scarves. My favourite one was this one that my sweet husband got me for Christmas. It’s double sided so it’s easy to change it around for a different look and it is cosy. I took it to Barcelona, on the flight it kept me nice and warm and during the chilly nights it did the job. 

If you have Netflix and if you have time and/or are bored, I suggest you watch Gossip Girl. I remember when it first came out and every girl I knew went on about it. I decided to watch it one day since I was bored and even though now it’s just in the background it is quite interesting. To be honest, I think this programme is just for my entertainment because some of the things that goes on and that the characters do I just think, really? But I am starting to like the whole Blair and Chuck love story so I’ll carry on watching just for that.

Since I want to start making videos I found a way to start coming out my shell a bit more so in order to help that I have been using Snapchat a little bit more. I think it’s fun, I love some of their filters and I used it while I was in Barcelona to share with those bits and pieces of Barcelona and just myself in general. If you’d like you can add me – karla.andreaa

I hope you enjoyed my first ever favourites post and a great month!



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