Life With a Newborn | Mummy Mondays

Life With a Newborn | Mummy Mondays

Life with a newborn has been a new experience and everyday a new lesson will be learnt through this beautiful soul. In this new series I’ll be sharing my experience, tips and pictures on what life is like with a little baby!

Now, I know Isabella is no longer a newborn but it feels as if we brought her home from the hospital yesterday! The moment after you give birth and your baby is handed to you is an unforgettable thing, you’re always going to have memory engraved in your mind and heart. I remember the first couple of weeks of being a new mama I was scared, anxious, paranoid, worried if I was doing a good enough job and tired – I still am tired! I found it really hard to settle into this new role that I found myself in. No matter how many google searches I did or how many forums I read, I couldn’t shake off this feeling. As a new mum you’re dealing with a massive amount of hormonal changes, you’re tired because you just gave life to a baby, you haven’t slept properly and to top it off you have a newborn who can’t/won’t sleep. It’s a tough situation to be put in especially if you’re a single mum (so much respect to you!)

To be honest, I found it really difficult adjusting to this new chapter and in a way I felt like I was not going to be able to be good enough for my child or that my motherly instincts wouldn’t kick in. Luckily I was able to have full on support from my husband and family who gave me that confidence that I needed. As a first time mum everything was scary but the one thing I remembered was that I know I would get better. I had to understand that this was all a learning process, that I wasn’t alone in this and that support was around me. I remember after Isabella’s first injections she broke out in a massive rash all over her body, she wasn’t feeding and she couldn’t sleep at all. We panicked because it was unexplainable and had to rush to A&E to find out what was wrong with her. Through it all I couldn’t help but feel like it was my fault, I kept trying to trace my steps back to the moment I saw this. Was it the injections? Was it her clothes? Is it her cream? I felt like I could’ve prevented it. She ended up being fine in the end but I had to come to terms that I will not always have an answer for everything that happens and I know even my own parents are still learning.

 Life with a newborn
My point is this, I could sit here and blame myself for every wrong thing that happens to her or I could learn from it and prevent anything bad from occurring. As first time mums, you’re bound to get everyone telling you what to do, how to do it or when to do it and all advice is welcome but remember, this is your baby and no one will know them the way you do.
♡ ~ Karla

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