Congratulations – You’re Pregnant!

Congratulations – You’re Pregnant!
 As the title says, I’m (we’re) pregnant and its crazy to even type those words as it’s still something I’m taking in day by day. It definitely was unexpected in terms of how soon it happened but we’re all excited to know that we will be having a new family member to kick off 2017.
This also goes to explain the lack of posts that on my blog – I always thought that women lied about being tired all the time and wanting to sleep but boy oh boy was I wrong.
We are officially in our second trimester and I will be doing a blog post about my first trimester along with everything I experienced but first, I want to share with you our story and how we found out.

I always had the mentality of wanting to have a good career, enjoy my marriage and life in general before getting pregnant but after knowing Diego for nearly 10 years and being together for 5 years we knew we wanted to start a family by the end of this year. Although we planned for a baby at the end of this year, God decided he wanted it to happen earlier and that is completely fine with us. 
When you’re in love with the person God has placed in your life, flaws and all, speaking about starting a family is something out of this world. The butterflies I use to feel knowing that I was lucky enough to be the woman that will carry his children made me really happy. I remember to this day the day that I met Diego for a Starbucks date, I had a strong gut feeling that this was the man I would marry and I left it in God’s hands. So thankful I did.

In April/May I spent a total of 6 weeks being sick with a sore throat and a chest infection. I had gone to the doctors, been to the hospital, until one day I felt I couldn’t carry on. There I was, on my way to the hospital to see what was going on with me. As the nurse took my blood pressure she said everything was fine except my heart rate was quite high. Thinking nothing of it I blurted out “I could be pregnant because my husband has been going on about it for the past week but its most likely I’m not”. Prior to this, Diego was convinced I was pregnant since I was late but I had done 2 or 3 pregnancy tests before that I was used to getting a negative result. I patiently waited for the results not even giving it a thought (I literally pulled out my laptop and started working) until the nurse came back and happily announced I’m pregnant. I felt like an ice cold bucket had been thrown over me, not because I was pregnant, no no no, because I had gone in with one thing and now I was leaving with another! I was seen by the doctor who told me that I was roughly 4 to 5 weeks pregnant and that my body had completely neglected me and had moved to protect and care for the little baby that was growing inside of me without my knowledge – how amazing is the human body?

Right, so there I was, leaving the hospital knowing that there was no cure for my cough or sore throat since I was pregnant and couldn’t take any medicine since it could have harmed the baby. I could only think of how happy Diego would be to find out we were expecting but I was also sad at the same time since I couldn’t call my mum and tell her the news. As I walked past Waterloo Bridge I called my auntie and somehow managed to say ‘I’m pregnant’. Saying those words to someone else and believing them brought me to tears! I called my momma in law and told her the good news and her squeal of happiness made me jump for joy – I couldn’t wait to tell Diego, my parents and siblings and my family. I’m very much into capturing everything on video so I recorded Diego’s reaction and some of my families reaction. Telling our uncles and aunties was one of my favourites too and hearing them shout of joy made us feel the love they have for us.

We also captured some of our friends reactions and seeing the genuine happiness and love from them was beyond what we expected. After receiving a rather cold reaction from someone considered a friend, this was definitely overcome by the love we felt from our closest friends. We told our pastor’s who where very excited for us and our church friends who congratulated Diego for “scoring a goal” and the questions poured! We’re overjoyed that everyone could share our happiness and once we had our scan it was the right moment to share with the rest of the world that we’re expecting little baby Montoya in 2017. Everyone has been supportive and shown a lot of care towards baby bump and I. My family have gone above and beyond for me and Diego has shown another loving side of him even though sometimes I can be moody – blame the hormones. 

Within the first couple of weeks pregnancy made me realise a lot of things;
1) we can plan our lives as much as we want but God will always have the last say
2) realising who really cares for us
3)given me the final push to change things in my life
and finally 
4) a baby is a blessing no matter what your circumstances are and we cannot wait to experience this new chapter in our lives.

Diego and I were 14 when we met, 18 when we started going out, 20 when we got engaged and 22 when we said ‘I do’ now we will both be 24 when we become parents. We’re happy to go through this together, anxiously waiting to feel the baby’s first kick, to really see my bump grow and to go on our last “alone” holiday.
Thankfully, my first trimester was not as bad as many other women’s but let’s just say it did make me V E R Y emotional and very moody, more on that with my next post 🙂



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