Back to Basics… For the Last Time

So today marks the first day of my final year in University. The first day in 5 months that I will be travelling from Zone 1 to Zone 3. I usually like to stay between Zone 1 and Zone 2 because anything past Zone 2 is FAR. Anyway, I’ve had people asking me how I feel about going back to University and to be honest for every question I’ve given a different response depending on how what mood they catch me in. Usually it was a good mood (hooray!) and my response would be ‘I’m happy to be going back’ or ‘yeahhh, I feel good and ready to tackle anything! Woo!’
But it was only last week where it really dawned on me that I, a small, shy and quiet girl, would be stepping back into University for my FINAL year. 
I became so used to not having to think about assignment deadlines or how many books are overdue. I became so comfortable knowing the only place I would have to travel really “far” to would be work and thats only 5 stops away. There’s always mixed feelings when going back to University. You don’t know how each year is going to be, if you’re going to make it to the end or how many assignments are going to be left till the very last week or day. You just don’t know because you could be so pumped for the first week, even months, but University can do all kind of things to you! Hmm.. Maybe I’m being too dramatic. Whoops. 

So, my first ever day of experiencing University was not how I probably wanted it to start. I remember leaving the station and starting to panic, I’ve never seen so many students going in and out of a small station, so many bags, so many new faces! I felt like a lost puppy so my initial instinct was to call my boyfriend. He picked up and all I could get out was ‘Hi…’ *I began to cry* for the whole walk he tried to console me but I kept crying and crying. I look back and those feelings are exactly what I feel now. Today Diego asked me how I felt and I wasn’t able to respond, but all I said was ‘I read the bible’. I woke up and read the bible, THAT was my initial instinct today, finding comfort in His word and praying. I know I have started off this day with a high.

So, how do I feel that I’m going back to Uni? Pretty nervous, anxious and scared. BUT I also feel excited that I will be accomplishing one of life’s most desired goals and over everything I feel assured that God will take me by the hand and join me in what could be one of the toughest educational years of my life. This definitely tops the first ever day of secondary school where my mum made me wear the biggest bag EVER, put my hair in a low bun with gel (thanks mum) and walked me to the bus stop. Today marks the reason why my parents came to this country and God willing, my success. 

The only thing I ask of you is to keep me in your prayers. 
One final thing, I want to share a bible verse that Dieguito sent me and one that I will keep very close to my heart for many reasons!

Proverbs 16:3

“Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans”

Karla xoxo


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