9 Months with Isabella

9 Months with Isabella

Isabella’s 9 months update is here! Time is going by so fast I wish I had a pause button to take in every moment with her. We love seeing her hit new milestones, understanding what she likes and getting to know her. We’ve had a little life change so she’s currently settling into nursery where she will be going twice a week. She’s loving it so far and she’s making friends with all the other babies and it’s so nice to see her be sociable.


In the past 3 months this little lady went from rolling over to full on crawling. We saw that she had been pushing herself to crawl until one day, she just did it. Now, she crawls all over the house chasing Oreo while he runs away from her. We’re still teaching her to be gentle with him but she gets too excited by touching his fur. Work in progress! Over the last couple of days she’s also been standing, seriously, can she slow down?! I caught her standing over her toy box and reaching down to grab what she could find. We were all shocked to say the least and she just smiled! I don’t think it’ll be long until she starts taking her first steps and we’re running after her.

Isabella 9 Month UpdateLikes

It’s safe to say that Isabella loves music, as many know, we go to church every Sunday and this girl really does love worship. She loves to swing her legs, clap her hands and enjoys the moment worshipping. She’s now gone off Despacito which thank God because we were getting tired of it but Moana has become a favourite, for all of us haha. It can distract her if I need to clip her nails so it’s a win-win. She likes going for walks but she will fight sometimes to be in the pushchair. Isabella is a very curious baby and now that she’s crawling, she loves to explore around the house.

Isabella 9 Month UpdateWeaning

We’re currently entering stage 3 of weaning and Isabella enjoys eating. Sometimes it can be a struggle to feed her because she’s interested in her surroundings but when she eats, she enjoys her food. Like any other baby she loves fruits but vegetables can be a slight struggle. Her food has been a lot more lumpier than usual and she is able to feed herself small chunks of fruits or veggies. We’ve also been loving the Ella’s Kitchen puffs and Kiddylicious Fruit wafers, these are great to put in the nappy bag for a snack if you’re out and about. Like I promised I will be sharing some of our favourite recipes in the coming weeks along with a more detailed feeding schedule.


Isabella has been a pretty good sleeper and I’ve made sure she gets her naps throughout the day just because she’s happier after a good nap! Who can blame her haha. She has dropped her 3rd nap through the day and now naps for 2.5 hours in the day. This is great for us because it means I have time to get on with some of my home duties. We are still co-sleeping with her but most days she will end up in her crib and sleeps through the night.

Isabella 9 Month Update

I can’t believe in 3 months she will be 1! We’re still thinking on whether we want to have a big birthday party or a simple at home celebration with close family and friends? Pinterest will come in handy to get ideas of what theme we’ll go for and any ideas.

♡ ~ Karla


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