6 things To Do in Barcelona

6 things To Do in Barcelona

My husband and I flew out to Barcelona for a 4 day weekend so I’m going to share with you 6 things that you should do if you ever visit Barcelona! 

Visit Casa Batlló

After having been in Barcelona previously for 2 days and going past Casa Batlló on the tour bus I’ve dreamt of going in and finally this time I was able to check this off my list! Casa Batlló is one of Antonio Gaudi’s most beautiful pieces of work. From the outside it captures your attention and with all the tourists taking pictures of the outside you can’t help but look up and admire the appearance something beautiful. Being inside I couldn’t help but gaze at every detail and wonder what Gaudi was thinking as he was creating this. Let’s just say there were plenty of ohh’s and ahh’s while being here. It’s definitely a must!

La Boqueria

Our first stop as soon as we arrived was ‘La Boqueria’ market and even though it’s a bit chilly it’s still as lively and full of people, as it is during summer. You have to try their fresh juices and take a stroll through all the stalls. We were here for about 25 minutes buying juices, eating some jamón serrano and tasting some juicy chocolate covered strawberries! La Boqueria is locate just of Las Ramblas so if you’re around there you cannot miss it! 

Discover Barceloneta
If seafood and the beach is your thing you cannot miss a wander around Barceloneta. We were able to go around Barceloneta on the bikes we rented, stopped off for some delicious food and enjoyed the sand in our toes whilst looking over the Mediterranean. It really did set the scene when there was a group of teens singing along to Maroon 5 being played on a guitar. We had some beautiful prawns, paella, patatas bravas and fried squid in ‘El Rey de La Gamba 1’ restaurant. Honestly, if you enjoy seafood you should definitely go down to Barceloneta the having fresh seafood.

Rent a bike
I had mixed feelings with this, at first I was super eager to bike around Barcelona and take in the views in a different way but then I got taken over by panic when my husband decided he wanted to rent an electric bike – I know! Whatever happened to a conventional bike? Well, he got his way and we rented electric bikes and I’ll admit it I did enjoy it. Barcelona is bicycle, skater, roller blade, motorbike friendly so I did feel somewhat safe and did enjoy the views whilst carefully biking my way around. It’s a great way to experience the city. 

Be a typical tourist!
I love a good old tour bus to take me around the city and Barcelona was no exception. If you’re there for a weekend and really want to see the city then a tour bus is your best option. It’s hop-on and hop-off service so if you want to get off to see La Sagrada Familia up close and personal you sure can! If you want to see Camp Nou, you guessed it, you can too! It’s also an alternative for transport but it’s not that big of a deal since transport is quite cheap in Barcelona and for two people we paid around €10 and got on buses and trains a lot of times! 

Roam the streets of Barri Gòtic
We were lucky enough that our hotel was located just off Las Ramblas and in one of the streets of Barri Gòtic. We had the best slices of pizza, the best breakfast and the best sleep here. I did get scared while walking through some of the streets at night and was literally scared because, hello, it’s the gothic quarter. either way, it was full of history and there’s plenty to do for tourists and you can mingle with the locals too so that was a plus. 

I still have more to share on our trip, including a Vlog that will come soon! But if you’re thinking of a weekend getaway definitely have Barcelona as an option! It’s great for everyone!

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