6 Months with Isabella | Mummy Mondays

6 Months with Isabella | Mummy Mondays

It has already been 6 months with Isabella and I honestly can’t believe how fast time is going by! Can it slow down?  It’s such a joy to be with her every single day, watch her grow and to see her discover new things. Even though we’re excited for all the major milestones ahead of us it’s also bitter sweet as she will never be this small again (insert crying emoji).

6 Months with Isabella



Isabella has been rolling over front back to front and front to back which is great to see because she’s so strong but we have to be extra careful with her! We’ve also moved her from her Bugaboo Cocoon to her seat and that gave her a whole new view to the world. It wasn’t long before we actually turned her seat around to face the world and that was heartbreaking for both of us. We were so used to seeing her as we push her around but I think she got tired of only seeing us >.<‘.
By the end of her 5th month she began teething and it’s been so cute seeing to like white dots popping out! Luckily she didn’t get any fever at all and she’s been loving frozen fruit through a food feeder which alleviates any discomfort she might feel. I consider this a milestone too as she’s  just started to notice our dog, Oreo, and literally squeals with excitement whenever she sees him. It’s the sweetest thing ever! She also been putting her hands together as if she’s clapping and it’s so funny to see her get excited by it!


Isabella is a very curious baby and loves to look around at her surroundings and if something catches her attention she will reach out for it. She loves tummy time and enjoys rolling around her foam mats while she grabs onto her toys. Since she’s teething we’ve been giving her some teething rings for her to chew on when we’re out and Sophie the Giraffe has been a great help! Anything that’s bright, makes a noise and is crunchy Isabella will hold onto it. She loves attention and whenever someone is talking to her she pulls her chin down and gives the sweetest smile she has! One of the ways that she will get our attention when we’re busy around the house is by fake coughing and as soon as we get her she stops and starts smiling! She definitely knows what she’s doing!



I’ve done some research on baby led weaning and we tried it for a while but she wasn’t really eating anythingboth. For Isabella right now pureed food is what she enjoys and we’ll slowly start giving her the option to feed herself. When she just turned 5 months we started giving her some baby rice from Ellas Kitchen as she was showing signs of wanting to eat and after checking with the doctor we were able to give her something light to start off with. Near the end of the month we started to give her pureed fruits and vegetables which she’s been enjoying it so far! Look out for a post on weaning! I’ve got some favourite recipes and snacks she likes having to share with you!


From the beginning she wasn’t difficult when it comes to sleep and would fuss around twice a night for a feed. We’ve only had one day that she slept through the whole night and it was glorious! Her cot is right next to me so when she does want to feed in the night I can easily bring her over. She’s sleep by 19:00-19:30 and wakes up between by 07:15-07:30 and hardly ever wakes up before that. She naps at least 3 times a day and she’s learning to put herself back to sleep if something wakes her up.


6 months with Isabella has flown by and we are enjoying every single thing she does. Like every other parent we don’t want this time to ever end but we’re so excited to see her grow.

♡ ~ Karla


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