5 To Try

5 To Try

Seeing as I haven’t done any favourites for a while I want to start something new. I don’t always buy something every month so it is quite difficult to come up with genuine product reviews that are worth sharing. This new post ‘5 To Try’ will be a series of my top 5 products that I have been loving for a little over a month and I can give you genuine feedback.

Max Factor Mascara
This Mascara is my holy grail. I absolutely love it. Since I have quite straight lashes I always have to use a curler in order to get my desired curl and I find using a waterproof mascara helps me maintain that curl throughout the day. I have tried  non waterproof mascara but they don’t do the job as well as this one does. The wand is quite big so it’s does get into all the areas the only thing i will comment on is its too big to do bottom lashes.
I highly recommend this mascara since the formula works really well with straight lashes and holds a curl for a very very long time.

Garnier Eye Make up Remover

This has to be the first dupe I ever came across and was super excited about it. Originally I have been using the Lancôme Bi-Facil eye make-up remover and I tried to look for dupes but never came across any. It is a bit on the pricey side for an eye make up remover (£21.50 to be precise) but it does last a very long time. however, I came across the Garnier Eye Make up while in Boots and was hesitant to buy it. Price point is £3.49… a massive difference from £21.50
I tested both make up removers and they both did the. exact. same. job. I was excited and I’ve never gone back to Bi-Facil!

Benefit Hoola Bronzer

I have a confession to make. This is the only bronzer I have that is suitable for my attempt at contouring. The consistency is good, the colour is great for contouring and light bronzing and it’s so pigmented you don’t need to pack on a lot, unless you want to which is fine. You do you girl 😉
This is a good investment if you want something versatile and i’ve had it for a couple of months now and have just hit pan on it so once its finished i will definitely be buying a new one.

Naked Palette 1
I was quite late to party on this one and after having the second and third palettes this one was the most appreciated one. the colours are so versatile, so creamy, super easy to blend and very pretty. this is the perfect palette to travel with because with the colours you get you can create a lot of looks whether its for day or night. since most of the urban decay palettes come with brushes you don’t have to pack many eye brushes, they’re easy to clean and dry too without losing their shape. if you’re thinking about getting one the palettes i suggest to go for the original naked. 

Tarte Concealer

I L O V E this concealer! Packaging is pretty, colour is spot on, its also creamy, easy to set with powder and does not budge whatsoever. I got this while we were in Bangkok and I haven’t been able to find another concealer that is quite as good. They have various shades so you have plenty of options. The product itself is good and it does go a long way. I’m still hoping for the day Tarte release their products in the UK otherwise I will definitely go back to Thailand, which is just an excuse since Diego and I fell completely in love with the country. 



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