8 Tips To Flying With a Baby

8 Tips To Flying With a Baby

We went on our first summer holiday to Portugal and we had a great time, we saw so many beautiful places and were lucky enough to create memories for Isabella’s first trip. I don’t have a fear of flying but I do get really bad travel sickness and get anxious. This is probably because I used to get really sick on planes when I would travel with my family and I guess that stuck with me ever since. On top of this I wouldn’t even eat on the plane because plane food made me feel even worse. Pre baby I used to take 2 tablets before any long haul flight and it would knock me out completely and I would have the best sleep on a flight and tried to take my own snacks. Since this was our first time on a flight I got really anxious about flying with a 5 month old, worried about what people on the plane would think and I was scared her ears would pop because of the cabin pressure. Here are 5 tips to get you through that first flight:

  1. Book Your Seats – we booked our seats just to be sure that we would be sitting together for both flights because this mama was not about to be left alone. If you take a long haul flight it’s best to call the airline and check if you could reserve seats where the fold down bassinets are available.
  2. Nap Time During Flight Time – Isabella is on a routine so I wanted to make sure that we booked our flights around her schedule. Our flights were around her nap times so it was easy for her to sleep but we did have a bit of a cry before she slept, mostly because she was not comfortable.
  3. Entertainment – We bought Isabella’s favourite toys with us to make sure that when she was awake during the flight she would be entertained. Sophie the Giraffe is by far one of her favourite toys as well as her fabric book which has different textures for her to discover.
  4. Cotton Ear Buds – Before our flight took off I made some “ear plugs” out of a cotton pad I took on board with me. This was great as it was soft enough to go into Isa’s ear and it wasn’t uncomfortable for her. One of my biggest worry was her crying because of the cabin pressure but this helped a lot.
  5. Feeding Time – I made sure to feed Isa before our flight just so I knew that if she did cry on the plane it wouldn’t have been because she was hungry but it’s always good to have a bottle ready. As I’m combination feeding I did have the chance to nurse her when she got hungry so make sure you also take some type of cover up.
  6. Less Clothes > More Clothes – On both flights it was quite hot on the plane so I made sure that Isabella wore lightweight clothing to make sure she wouldn’t get too hot. I also packed extra clothes just in case we had an accident.
  7. Comfort is Key – On most flights you have to sit your baby on your lap and that can be really uncomfortable so a travel pillow for you, baby and your partner is a must to minimise any aches you could get.
  8. Keep Calm and Drink Water – the final hour of our flight back was the worst, I had a massive headache, I wanted to be sick and I couldn’t stop shaking. It was the worst. Make sure you have plenty of water, close your eyes and try to remain calm – it will be over before you know it!

Overall our first flight was a success, we had a group of lovely ladies tell us we did a good job with her and that she wasn’t as fussy. Whilst she did have a good cry she managed to sleep on both flights and we were able to (uncomfortably) enjoy parenthood at it’s finest. I hope this is able to help any mama’s out there who are probably as anxious as I was for the first time and be sure to leave any comments for other mama’s out there!



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