5 Easy Mother’s Day Gifts

5 Easy Mother’s Day Gifts

It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow and if you’re anything like me I always leave it till last minute! Mostly because it creeps up on me and I tend overthink gifts for such a day. I try to make gifts as special as possible and make an effort. So, lets do something extra special for the mother’s around us, our aunties, grandma’s, cousins, sister’s and friends. In today’s post I’ll be sharing with you 5 easy Mother’s Day gifts.

Mum’s Favourite Breakfast
Whether she’s vegetarian, like my mum, or she loves bacon then this is by far one of the best ideas for mother’s day. I remember either myself or my sister would make our mum breakfast in bed and she’d love it. So find out what your mum loves the most – you should know this already – and make that for her! Or if you’ve moved out, book a table and take her to her favourite breakfast spot. Or dinner, I’m sure she’ll love both! There’s nothing like having a meal with your mum and getting to know her even more.

Personalised Biscuits
This is more of an “add-on” to any gift really because they’re edible personalised biscuits. Perfect for any occasion but when they’re as pretty and detailed like the ones from Biscuiteers you almost don’t want to eat them! Luckily for you, Biscuiteers have shops around London so make sure you pop by to grab a last minute biscuit box.

Beauty Box
Like any other woman we love receiving a little pamper box with some of our favourite beauty products. Birchbox has a store in Carnaby Street where you can pick out 5 products from make up, beauty and hair at a price of £15! They’re all miniature sized products, which I find super cute because I’m obsessed with tiny things! She’ll be able to try some new products too. If you’re not on a budget then I suggest checking out Selfridges. Right next to the food hall, you can choose from a range of skincare and beauty products that you know she’ll love.


Handmade Cards
Growing up we always used to make cards for our parents it was the thought that went in to making these that made them special. Ever since Isabella was born I’ve been obsessed with putting her hand or foot prints in cards. Now this is an option for those who have small kids and want to give grandma something special. However, you’re never too old to be creative! So any arts and crafts store is great to pick up material to make this at home. You can include a picture or even a sweet note.

Picture Frame
I love this idea, it’s super personal because you put a lot of thought into choosing your favourite photo. You can also add a twist to a frame and either buy a print or even write out your favourite quote or poem for your mum. Personally, I’d love to do this with a bible verse and gift that to my mum. I know she’ll love it.

Finally, you can never ever go wrong with flowers. My mother in law once said to me ‘when you give some flowers with genuine love, they will last longer than expected’ and I think this is so true.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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