The 4 Ways I Dealt With a Sick Baby

The 4 Ways I Dealt With a Sick Baby

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that Isabella has been really sick. I’ll be honest and tell you that it’s been a draining couple of weeks – mentally, physically and emotionally. Like any other mum I hate seeing Isabella unwell. She’s a happy baby always smiling and ready to socialise with anyone so seeing her like this isn’t great. In today’s post I wanted to share some of the things that have helped me tending to a sick baby. Or things that just work during any regular day.

Read your Bible or Meditate

One of the things I found that helped me during these days was to spend some time reading the bible. I did my best to really take in what I was reading and find strength in His word. Even if it was a couple of verses it really did set the mood for the day. If you’re not a person of faith, you can meditate and take 5 minutes in the morning to set the day. Trust me, it helps.

Organise your time

The moment Isabella started getting sick I spent the whole day cuddling her that I lost track of time. I literally spent all day with her and to do things I had to put her in her kangaroo. I started to mentally plan my day so I have enough time to prepare all our meals, clean and spend time with her. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help! I’m super stubborn and always want to do things myself but I need the extra help when she’s sick. If baby is taking medicines always be sure to have these things by your side and ready to go.


Isabella isn’t high maintenance, she’s happy with some books and toys. However, this time round she’s become really clingy and doesn’t like being put down. Normally, sick or not she’s able to play alone while I get bits done so now what I found works best is to have some sort of play time with her, put on her favourite nursery rhymes and I can leave for sometime whilst I clean up.

Be patient

So at our last doctor’s appointment he emphasised so much on being patient. Maybe he could tell that I had been crying because my baby had been sick for so long I didn’t know what else to do. Throughout the day I was reminded that babies feel when you’re upset or worried and they brush off that too. I had grown inpatient with myself, with my husband and with her because she’s been sick for such a long time. We began to be positive about the situation and speak life into her. I would press on my faith and have trust in God that He would take control of the situation.

So there you have it… They may not seem like any life changing things but believe me it helped me. It’s allowed me to be focused on her and be patient. Even on days when she’s not sick, I carry these things out. We’ve had more cuddles in the past weeks than I can think of. My faith has grown because of her and I believe that God will carry on healing her. Thankfully, Isabella is slowly but surely recovering and I can’t wait for these days to be over. I’m looking forward to helping her put her weight back on and being nice chubby. Honestly, it’s been a tough couple of weeks and it’s just been the 3 of us through this. But I’m thankful for my portion and understanding that motherhood isn’t a breeze.


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