10 Things I Love About Motherhood

10 Things I Love About Motherhood

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Motherhood can be a challenging journey to embark on. It’s a commitment you make to someone for the rest of your life. A commitment of love, time and even some sacrifice. Everyone’s experience of motherhood is different and everyone will most probably speak of the struggles first. It’s inevitable, but, the majority will end their sentence with ‘it’s all worth it’. I tend to get asked how I feel or how I’m coping with this new role and I always make sure to state the obvious – it’s not easy BUT she’s so worth it.

On today’s post I want to share the 10 things I love the most about motherhood and being a mum to Isabella.

  1. Her toes. Honestly, they are the cutest toes I’ve ever seen
  2. Her smile, it melts my heart all the time
  3. I love how confident I’ve become in myself as a mum and as a woman – motherhood at its finest.
  4. When she’s sleeping because she looks so angelic!
  5. Waking up to her little hands touching my face
  6. Hearing her giggle
  7. Seeing her discover new things – it truly is magical to see life through her eyes
  8. The relationship she’s building with her daddy! Be still my heart
  9. Baby clothes have been a joy to buy! I mean, tiny Toms and Moccasins? Yes please!
  10. When she hits a new milestone it’s so exciting but sad at the same time!

Being a mum is by far one of the most rewarding experiences ever and I wouldn’t change this new life for anything.

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