A Fresh Start


Soon after giving birth to Mariella my previous blog shut down and I basically lost everything. With a newborn in our lives trying to sort it out was the last thing I wanted to deal with so I left it at that. With the support and encouragement from my husband and best friend I decided to blog again and start fresh. This time, a whole new blog name, new perspective but still the same old me. It’s been over 6 months since I last sat down and blogged. I’ve missed taking out the time to write and share some of my favourite moments.

Blogging has taught me a lot about myself. I can be determined but I easily get in a funk and think ‘better not’. I can be creative but I immediately begin to question myself. I love sharing but almost instantly I think ‘who cares?’ and honestly, I grew tired of this mentality. From a young age self doubt is something that could easily be instilled in us. Whether it’s from parents who say ‘well so and so’s daughter is amazing at this’ or society with showcasing perfect models in every magazine, poster, ad. Everywhere you look there’s a reason for you to have doubts about yourself. As a 27 year old woman, with two daughters I cannot afford to be this way, nor do I want to. The past 6 months I’ve gone through the emotional rollercoaster that is postpartum.

From dealing with body changes, adjusting to going from one to two babies, to hormones flying all over the place – it’s been wild but I can say I’m slowly but surely coming out of the woods and beginning to feel like myself again. However, I’ve had to analyse ‘myself’ plenty of times and think ‘how can I improve this about me’ or ‘I need to stop this’ and always reminding myself ‘I’m their example of a mum, wife, sister, daughter, friend, woman’. I do this because I want my girls to know that they are capable of anything and everything. That they shouldn’t have to question themselves. I want them to be kind, to be generous, to believe in themselves and to love themselves. But I know that for them to do all of this, it has to start from home, it has to start from me. They are the ‘why’ behind this blog. Because their mum enjoys sharing and wants to inspire others through her journey, through her struggles and through her triumphs.

Thank you for joining me on Raising Little Loves, I appreciate your support and I hope you stick around. I’ll be sharing some of my old posts, such as the girls birth stories and some travel posts that I have saved, so, expect a younger and slimmer looking Karla and Diego!

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