How To Teach Your Kids About God

One of the things I would often think about when we were expecting Izzy was ‘how do we raise her to know God’. I Googled the different ways I could teach her about God. Which kids Bible to get, what my parents did to teach me and what I can implement. It’s been a learning curve but here are some of the things we do to teach both of our girls about God.

Kids Bible and Books
We have this kids bible that we read through each night. Once we’re done praying we read 2 stories from the bible and go over them with Izzy. We try to engage her as much as we can and she loves looking at the illustrations. We also have a couple of books and a recent favourite is the Bible ABC’s which is a beautifully illustrated book.

Worship Music
We like to play worship music when we’re with the girls. Izzy’s favourite is Israel Houghton and G12 Kids which we also love listening to. It’s important from a young age to teach them about worship, it’s one of the things we enjoy doing as a family and at church.

Like I mentioned before, praying is one of the things we do all the time. Before a meal, before bedtime, when we leave the house, etc. I think the first time Izzy said ‘Amen’ was just after she was 1 which was the cutest thing ever. As they grow up they’ll slowly understand the importance of prayer. It’s all about planting a seed from now.

Talk about God
Kids are extremely clever and they have a good sense of understanding, so talk to them. I made the most of Christmas and mentioned Jesus and his birth as much as I could. We watched some films that went over the story of Jesus and I think Izzy really started to understand the meaning of Christmas.

TV Shows and Films
As parents we all know that not every cartoon is educational. I think it’s important to know what our kids are watching and what they’re learning from it. We don’t just let her watch Christian shows because we believe there should be a balance. The two shows that Izzy watches are Veggie Tales and G12 Kids channel on YouTube. I know there are so many more but these ones are good for now.

I know there are more ways you can teach your kids about God but this is how we’re teaching our kids about God. We still have a long way to go but it’s just the beginning.
Leave a comment below and let me know how you teach your kids about God.

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