6 Easy Ways to Avoid Procrastination

In today’s post I wanted to share 6 easy ways you can avoid procrastination and make the most of your time. We’re currently in our 5th week of social distancing and we’ve settled into a routine. I’m doing my best to avoid procrastinating so I can focus on the things I need to get done, especially with work.

Have a schedule

I’ve seen a lot of schedules from self employed women, work from home moms and stay at home moms. They’re all great and give a clear insight into how you could manage your day. When you sit down to do yours be realistic and have a schedule that you know you can stick to. What time you’ll wake up, time for exercise, meal times, work etc. Creating a schedule that fits you and your lifestyle will let you feel in control of your time.

Create a routine

Since we’re all stuck indoors the best thing we can do right now is create a routine that we can follow. Just to give you an example, my routine is waking up before 7, getting everyone ready by 8 and breakfast by 9. On good days! I’ll try to set up some independent play while I work or on my days off we do as many activities we can before I sit down to work on my own things. Having a routine will let your mind focus on the things you have to get done, in return avoiding procrastination.

Write a to-do list

One of the key things to do if you want to avoid procrastination and be productive, its to have a to-do list. Whether that’s to clean a room, to write a blog post, get work done – put this on paper. Once you do them, cross it off and move to the next one. If you don’t have a planner you can make a list on your phone and make it cute with some emoji’s.

Reduce your screen time

I’ll be the first one to admit it – I am guilty of looking at my phone too much! If you find yourself scrolling and refreshing too many times, you’re on the procrastination boat. Reducing your screen time will help you focus on exactly what you need to tick off your to-do list. I currently have a set time for how long I can be on social media and once that time is up, the app closes. At the end of each week you’ll get a report letting you know by what % your screen time was up or down.

Organise a working space

Whether that’s a corner in your room, a space in the living room or a space on the table – organise it. Make it pretty, make it appealing and overall comfortable. Create a vibe where you’ll enjoy spending your time in and motivate you to reach your goals. If you have a vision board put it up and watch how it pushes your productivity up and procrastination down.

Take a break

Make a coffee, do some exercise, call a loved one and step away from your work space. We all deserve a break and now more than ever we have to take care of our mental health. Set a time apart to do this as what we’re living through is definitely not normal. Set up a Zoom call with friends, FaceTime your family, read a blog, do something that will help you! Be careful though, this could very quickly turn into you procrastinating!

I know that what we’re going through is not normal, for many it’s been difficult to adjust to the change. It certainly has been a learning curve for me, between managing my time and what to prioritise.
I hope this post can help you organise your day but also allows you to shift your focus on the things you’ve put on hold. Work on the things that spark joy in your life and make the most of this time.


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